We are One!

We are One!

Perdita-Fisherhaven-Messing about in boats

Photo taken before lock down

This morning whilst out on a walk with my two dogs my mind kept drifting back to something I read a few days ago.

It was a suggestion that Sandra Walter (http://www.sandrawalter.com/) made in one of her videos or newsletters.

When I read it, my heart reacted.

It made such perfect sense to me.

In my own words : the suggestion was that those of us who are lucky enough to be able to get out into nature during the lock down, should really absorb all the beauty and then transmit to the others who are not as fortunate – people stuck in urban environments , apartments, hospitals beds or circumstances that prevent them from connecting with Nature at this stage.

This thought so appealed to me , that I did just that this morning. I took it all in and beamed it out to the world.

I drew in the sight of the light on the Botriver Lagoon and the Kleinmond mountains in the distance and I sent that sight with all my love to the far corners of our beloved planet.

Perdita-Fisherhaven-View from the Yacht Club

Photo of the view from The Lake Marina Yacht Club in Fisherhaven (taken before the lock down)

The sound of the water lapping against the lagoon shore reminded me of the character in “Il Postino”who makes a recording of the sound of the waves to send to his friend the poet, Pablo Neruda.

Remembering this scene and the soundtrack of the movie, filled me which so much joy that it was easy to imagine light and love streaming from my open heart out into our troubled world.

O …K…, I hear you mutter!

If all of this is just too whoo whoo for your taste – think of all the amazing outpourings that have flooded your Facebook timeline.

People all over the world sharing the view from their window or taking the time to record their favourite poems to share with fellow poets and lovers of poetry. People , just like you, sharing the beauty that brings them joy.  Flooding our world with beauty and hope at a time when we most need it.

There have been outdoor and indoor concerts, singing from balconies, people sharing recipes and families connecting in ways they never have before.

Nothing like the Grim Reaper grinning at one to make one remember what is truly important!

Art, beauty, music, laughter, family, connection – the things that make us human.

Our instinct in times of pressure, strife and lock down has been to show compassion and to laugh, to come together and to do what it takes.  We have made things bearable by joking about our shared “reality” and reaching out with offerings of what makes us each happy!

As time has passed and some restrictions have been lifted , many of us have found ourselves angry and rebellious and have chosen to find fault and rage against it all.

The gentle loving voice in my heart has whispered to me:  what we resist, persists!

You remember that!

It was all the rage – Spirituality 101!

What if the time for “against”, is forever gone, dear ones?

What if it is time to create a New Earth?  To dream it into being?

A world we wish to give our children and our grandchildren.

A world without judgement, division and hate, artificial borders and a “them versus us” mentality.

What if we are truly one?

As I pondered what to write, I happened to read a post that echoed this message almost 100%!

So, I rest my case!

Unity consciousness is here.

We are all connected.

We are in this together.

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2 Responses to We are One!

  1. Telkomsa (marylasmollen) says:

    What a great New post of yours. How touching and heart worming. Thank you Perdita, I’m privilege to have a friend like you.

    Much Love


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