Local is the new loyal

CSQM7420 (2)

It is not an alien – it is me in a mask!

It has literally been months since the Muse called me in the middle of the night.

So much has changed in my own life and in the lives of most on this planet since I last typed away in the wee hours.

We have collectively undergone  a fundamental re-set of our way of being with one another and ourselves.

Whether you believe the corona virus was manufactured in a lab somewhere and unleashed on an unsuspecting worldwide audience with malicious intent, or that Gaia just had enough of the abuse and is fighting back to wake us all up – our world is different!

To my mind, it doesn’t really matter either way!

I follow my own heart and good old-fashioned common sense.

Social media and our conversations as we emerge from lock-down are dominated by division and discontent.

To mask or not to mask.

To vaccinate or not.

To kneel for BLM or refuse.

As we gradually leave our homes and start interacting with others outside our own precious circle we find ourselves having to negotiate new situations.

Isolation and the strange sci-fi movie our lives have become, have weaved their magic!

It is not all negative.

I find myself so aware of both our global inter-connection as well as our boundaries.

During the time of isolation so many people reached out to one another through social media sharing their small parts of the world. They took photos from their windows so that fellow humans on the other side of the planet could share their beautiful view.

And now as we emerge as if into bright light, we circle one another with wariness and sometimes probably even fear or anxiety.

For me though, there is something new that has grown in this time of incubation.

A respect for others’ point of view.

It is not that I wasn’t aware of other peoples’ feelings before – I am an empath and have always tuned into peoples’ essence rather than their appearance.

Now I know, without a doubt, that they have the right to take decisions about their health and well-being, just as I have.

And what they decide or are comfortable with, might not be what I believe or choose to do.

One size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Who am I to say that I am right and they are wrong?

Who am I to shame them or criticize their choices?

Take the mask – thing for example.

I don’t wear a mask just to protect myself (that too, of course) or to conform – I do it as a sign of respect and to protect those in public who serve me and have literally hundreds of people breathing on them every day.

I have a 94 year old father and I certainly do not want to infect him when I visit him. I also have a partner I need to consider, as well as children who tell me that they still want me around as their only surviving parent!

Oh, by the way, just a tip to the wise: if you have heard the advice about putting a drop of peppermint oil in your mask …


Otherwise you will find your face burning and tears streaming down your face along with the mucus dislodged by said oil!

It won’t be fun!

Just like the fogging up of your spectacles is no fun either.

My remedy for the fog is a buff under the mask or a paper clip or other wire on the bridge of my nose to make sure the warm air doesn’t escape up.

I have also become a fast and efficient shopper to minimize the time I need to “muzzle” myself.

Sorry … put that word in just to set some of you off…

I digress…

Talking about shopping – I find myself choosing very carefully where I spend my money.

Now more than ever, if I can support a small business rather than a big chain store, I do that.

We used to say:” Local is lekker”!

Last week I saw a banner-ad up in a big mall – “LOCAL IS THE NEW LOYAL”.

It really struck me.

It wasn’t just because of the dire situation our economy is in.

It was because local has a new meaning.

COVID-19 has forced us all to take responsibility for ourselves and those we love.

Goodness knows, our governments have shown us that they really are not up to it.

It’s gonna have to be an individual and sovereign affair leading to real unity.

My choices affect others – in my small circle and globally as well.

Local means me and you and those we love in ever widening circles until it becomes the whole wide world.

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