Something done in a small moment

A beautiful cactus moment in time

Something done in a small moment is something sacred and holy.

It’s the sitting in the sun enjoying a cup of coffee and feeling the warmth on my shoulders as the world goes by.

A small moment stolen from the busy , frenetic day of earning a living and caring for the children – a never-ending rush and pull of too many tasks and too little time.

A tiny moment walking in a park feeding the birds (mostly ducks) with old bread kept for this purpose. (Yes, I now know this is not a  good practice!)

A sunset or sunrise enjoyed from the balcony – just being and drinking in the colours.

The delicious bite of a well-prepared dish – the pause to savour the taste and the nourishment.

The lying in bed just before the alarm goes off,  or even after, before I really need to get going to face the day.

The moment when a child is born – that holy moment when the baby first breathes the harsh air.

The first kiss between new lovers or even just the look they give one another filled with desire and love.

The picking of a flower or a beautiful grass in the field or maybe in the wood or forest.

The way and moment when a child slips their hand into mine. The look of trust that passes between the two of us as I help them up from the floor after a nasty fall.

The thud of the earth on the coffin.  The small moment of finality that causes the mourners to catch their breath and feel the cry lodged in their throats as they move to throw the last flowers (gestures of love and respect) on top of the earth splattered box.

The small, small moment when the dying person expels their very last breath of precious air – the sigh that, in that small moment, signals the end of their life well-lived or wasted.

The moment when I first spot the plant struggling through the soil to greet the sun and my excited gaze.

Moments ,all small, yet strung together a string of translucent  pearls that form the life of the participant, the beholder, the one who experiences each moment  in time, aware or unaware.

Moments that become hours and days and years that flow into a lifetime of living in small, small moments.

One moment in time becomes a lifetime.

Prompt from “A Creative Writer’s Kit”by Judy Reeves

Written on 17 November 2004

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