A dream is a wish our heart makes

This beautiful eiderdown is made from silk cigarette cards of all things!

Recently I dreamt I was a huge mother bird.

An eagle of some kind.

With magnificent majestic wings big enough to hold the planet with all her life forms close to my heart.

My eyes were bright and very fierce.

My heart was filled with love for all I watched going about their daily business on the planet.

I flapped my wings and flexed my tallons as I held my precious home in my arms and heart.

Then I saw myself as the Creator.

Just to tease you all, I must insist that the Creator be a she, just for a change and because, quite frankly,  that is how she is showing up for me at the moment.

She was making a quilt – a beautiful, colourful tapestry made of blocks of mutli-patterned designs.

Each block was made from light. Before she formed the block , she held the ball of light in her hand and played with it.

She whispered to it and held it to her ear as if listening intently.

Then she stroked the spark of light against her cheek before she blew on it and carefully placed it into the design.

Every time she added a new patch, she beamed with delight and the eiderdown grew more vibrant and beautiful.

It was very clear that the Creator loved all the shapes and colours of her creation.

Waking from this lovely dream, I found myself overwhelmed again by the clammering , hate-filled messages from people trying to assert their will and way of being and thinking on others.

Every now and then I would feel the call to enter the fray until I realized , time and time again, that what I re-act to , especially what still triggers me , is fed by my outrage, anger and furious energy.

The thing is: there is a voice in me, deep in me, that gently tugs at my consciousness until I listen.

It whispers to me.

Insisting to be heard.

“They are all part of the whole”.

The maskers, the anti-maskers, the lovers, the haters, the big , the small.

Everyone and everything is part of the whole.

Unity and peace will only come to our world when we learn to zoom out like huge mother eagles in flight to gain perspective and then lean forward in openness and trust  to learn from one another.

I don’t think this virus came to teach us to hate one another, to snipe and deride and divide ourselves, into them and us, and only me and mine.

Surely, we did not need to learn that at all… we know it only too well .

The history of mankind is filled with wars and strife, famine and suffering.

We have lived our lives to this point dividing ourselves into nations and tribes and cultures and religions – all clambering and clawing to get ahead.

And strangely enough, we all believe we are right.

We have the answers.

 We know what is best.

 We know and others don’t.

What if it is time to learn love and unity?

And what if it is actually the easiest thing in the world?

What if all we have to do to unlearn the hate, the competition and the divsion,  is to become like  children, returning to the innocence we once knew as babies.  

The innocence of children who saw no race or difference and just wanted to play.

Before we taught them what society expects …

What if we remembered, instead,  how she held us to her cheek, breathed life into us and placed us carefully  into the her divine masterpiece .

Each of us a unique, perfectly crafted spark of divinity whose only job is to be.

How would our world be then?

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