Bring in the clowns!

We need them.

A friend sent me this cartoon on New Year’s Day.

I am not sure where she got it – so I acknowledge whereever it came from and whoever created it…

It made me chuckle – a good way to start 2021 for sure!

2020 was certainly an interesting year .

As a crone,  I seem to think more and more in terms of my children and their (at this stage) potential children.  

There were so many moments that made me aware that this was history in the making.

Plenty of stories we will tell our descendants about in the years to come.

For me it will always be the year of the c’s.

When the Corona Virus first stopped the world as we know it, I had the strongest possible sense of it all being part of a cosmic plan to unite the world.

It seemed to me to be a call to compassion and co-operation.

It proved to us that we are all linked.  What we do in our small part of the world effects others on the other side of the globe.

We are in this thing we call life, together. Whether we like it or not.

My son,  Johan,  and his partner (now husband) contracted the virus very early on .

Blessed as I am with a strong inner guidance, I had pre-warning.

For a couple of days in a row , I drew a serenity card.

I remember telling a friend – when I draw that card , I want to climb under the bed ‘cos trouble – she is coming.

I know from experience that one’s life can change in an instant.

People can die.

So there were some tense moments .

Especially when he WhatsApped me from the hospital with instructions on the care of his partner should he not survive!

It was clear that very little was known about the virus. I remember feeling very sorry for the doctor who was so concerned about discharging Johan without knowing what to expect.

By the Grace of God,  he did survive. Craig also recovered well and subsequently they got engaged and married on 18 July 2020 (Madiba’s b’day).

Their commitment  ceremony was unique.

My daughter and I and two close loved ones on Craig’s side were witnesses.

We posed awkardly for photos with and without masks promising ourselves to have a big celebration at a later stage.

They teased me for having the only colourful mask.

Talking about masks, I became more and more confused as I realized that many people were not prepared to wear masks and more and conflict began to arise on Social Media.

Maybe it was because the virus was a reality in my life, or because I am a Capricorn and duty-bound or because my father is 95 – it just seemed (and still does) like the right thing to do.

To wear a mask to protect others (and myself).

Then there was also the cry about control and refusing to be controlled.

This had me bewildered again . Surely we have reached a stage where we realize no-one can control us except ourselves?

Conspiracy theories and negation of science simply don’t compute for me. To my mind spirituality and science are converging – coming closer to one another.

It is not an “either” “or” kinda situation. It is an “and” “and”.

Conflict and chaos were certainly part of 2020.

And corruption.

That people could continue to steal money when we are facing a pandemic – the mind boggles.

From where I sit, the old is dying and making way for the new.

Unity is calling.

Diversity is wonderful . It makes life interesting, beautiful and colourful.

Superiority not so much.

Seems to me, that is where the paw-paw hits the fan.

The minute we think our group, religion, our country, or our opinion is the only one that counts, things fall apart.

We go to war.

We kill one another.

We rage and shame and dominate.

That’s the old way.

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